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We are "Attractive Style",
the only "Marriage agency for foreigners"
operating in Japan.

We hope that men from around the world will get to know Japanese women.

And once they understand the allure of Japanese women, there are suitable men waiting to be life partners.

By understanding Japanese culture and customs, and achieving marriage with a Japanese woman, it's possible to realize migration to Japan.

Alternatively, one can realize a happy life with a Japanese woman in their home country.

To facilitate this, the 'Dating Manual with Japanese Women' will be released simultaneously in 50 countries on November 1, 2023.

We are Japanese psychological counselors who are well-versed in the "culture", "customs", and "character" that Japanese people regard as virtues, and we also serve as marriage counselors.

Japan is a nation that stands proudly on the global stage as a peaceful and humanitarian democratic state. Within its modest land area of 378,000 square kilometers, as a developed country, it is home to 120 million citizens.

Japan boasts the beauty of the "four seasons," with picturesque tourist spots scattered throughout the country. In spring, the cherry blossoms, specifically the "Somei Yoshino" variety, bloom all over Japan, warming the hearts of its people.

In the summer, under the radiant sun, people enjoy activities such as mountain climbing and swimming in the sea. Japan has a long-standing tradition of "minshuku," or guest houses, which represent an aspect of Japanese culture, becoming increasingly popular among foreign tourists.

In the autumn, Kyoto becomes enveloped in vibrant fall colors, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. Representing Japan, Mount Fuji, during winter, captivates many with its snow-covered landscapes and its mystical aura.

Every season allows one to experience the breathtaking atmosphere, drawing a large number of foreign tourists to Japan year after year.

Additionally, Japanese culinary arts captivate people worldwide, seamlessly inheriting both its outstanding techniques and traditional food culture.

When dating Japanese women, it is essential first to understand Japanese culture and customs and then to fully comprehend all aspects of Japanese women. Missing even one element can hinder the success of the relationship.

The Japanese society as a whole places a great emphasis on manners and traditions. Japanese women, in particular, are known for being courteous, family-oriented, delicate, and modest. They are said to be devoted in areas like child-rearing and work, possessing high intellectual capacities and professionalism, earning them high regard globally.



Attractive Style

We are a group of counselors with specialized knowledge, deeply familiar with the temperament and views on marriage of Japanese women.

As of the latest government announcement in the fiscal year 2022, the number of unmarried women in Japan stands at 13.6 million.

Within the country, there's an unprecedented and rapid aging of the population coupled with a declining birthrate, leading to a dramatic increase in the number of unmarried women.

On the other hand, there is a growing consciousness among the Japanese about migrating overseas. Over a million Japanese have relocated worldwide, and this number continues to rise. However, the proportion of Japanese women among these emigrants is still relatively low, with a male-to-female ratio of 8 to 2.

One reason behind this is rooted in the "temperament" of Japanese women, which can be traced back to Japan's historical and cultural past. Delving into Japan's history and culture, one discovers a nation predominantly formed by a "male-centric" society.

For instance, during Japan's "Edo period" which lasted from the 16th century to the early 18th century, the country was governed by the "Tokugawa shogunate". All of the 15 shoguns were male, and the feudal lords, or daimyos, serving under the shogun and ruling their respective regions were also male.

In Japan, this trend has continued endlessly since the 11th century and is also a symbolic history of modern Japan. Today's contemporary society has grown into a democratic nation where men and women are equal. However, the culture of women supporting men is still deeply ingrained in the subconscious minds of Japanese women.

It's a fact that there was gender discrimination in Japan's historical backdrop. However, as time has passed, there has been an acceleration in women's participation in society, and it's anticipated that this trend will lead to an increase in the number of Japanese women emigrating abroad.

At Attractive Style, our mission is to deeply understand the habits and culture preferred by Japanese women and convey this information to men around the world. Through our dating manual, we aim to share the expertise on how to foster relationships with Japanese women.



Attractive Style

To marry a Japanese woman, it is essential to first understand Japanese culture and customs.

Despite being a small country, Japan is made up of 47 prefectures, each boasting its distinct customs and culinary traditions.

Just as many foreign countries have multiple regions within them, Japan is unique in that not only are there various regions, but even the culinary and cultural habits differ substantially from one area to the next. Thus, understanding the nuances of the specific region can be vital when communicating with Japanese women who reside there.

Japanese women are often perceived as delicate and inherently reserved.

They tend to be wary of overt advances from men. For instance, the way a Japanese woman perceives an approach from a Japanese man can be quite different from how she perceives one from a foreigner.

One major challenge is the language barrier. While many people worldwide might be bilingual with their native language and English, the majority of Japanese primarily speak Japanese. Though the younger generation is becoming increasingly proficient in English, the majority of the Japanese population is still not fluent in the language. With a population of 120 million people on a small island nation and an economy that historically thrived in isolation, there has been little emphasis on English proficiency. This self-sufficient economic background has led to a relatively low need for English, fostering a national character that might seem resistant to the language.

Our upcoming "Dating Manual with Japanese Women" aims to provide foreigners with an in-depth understanding of the essence of Japanese women.

In this guide, we will shed light on what's crucial during the first interaction with a Japanese woman, what approach proves most effective, and how to progress a relationship. The content is designed to guide you through the intricate dance of dating in the Japanese cultural context.



Attractive Style

First, understand Japan.
By getting to know Japanese women, the relationship deepens.

Attractive Style Co., Ltd.,
President and CEO,
Psychological Counselor.


My name is Kazumi Takayama, a psychological counselor operating a marriage agency in Japan.

To help people worldwide engage in relationships with Japanese women, I've created a "Dating Manual with Japanese Women."

I felt the need to produce this manual because, after the COVID-19 pandemic subsided around the latter half of 2022, inquiries from foreign men increased substantially at my agency. Their questions included desires to marry Japanese women, difficulties in courting them, and requests for advice.

In 2023, as foreign tourist arrivals to Japan surged, the number of inquiries even surpassed the previous year. It became evident that many foreign men desire relationships or marriages with Japanese women. However, most don't know how to approach them. Language barriers compound these challenges.

Japanese women, in comparison to women from other countries, are often shy, delicate, and filled with gentle kindness. Unlike women from some other cultures, they might struggle to express their feelings directly. For example, many Japanese women think about marriage, but their mindset can vary significantly based on their immediate goals.

While some women seek relationships leading to marriage, others prioritize the relationship itself. This distinction might be unfamiliar to men from other countries.

In Japan, dating without the intent of marriage is prevalent among younger women in their teens to mid-20s. Women older than that generally date with marriage in mind. Whether in love or considering marriage, Japanese women are cautious and have strong guards up.

Even among Japanese people, women initially maintain a cautious approach. They ensure they fully understand the intentions and background of the man before accepting a romantic relationship.

Approaching Japanese women as a foreign man presents even more challenges. However, methods exist to build a relationship with Japanese women, which is detailed in this "Dating Manual with Japanese Women."

I've supported nearly 10,000 Japanese women throughout my career. A commonality exists in how they choose their partners. There are both positive and negative aspects to this shared mentality.

Marriage merges two lives from different backgrounds and cultures.

While men have their insecurities, women often have even more profound concerns.

Understanding the Japanese women's background and perspective is crucial. This manual, grounded in psychology, provides insights into how to naturally attract and win the affection of Japanese women.

Purchasers of this manual will have exclusive access to dedicated psychological counselors who are fluent in multiple languages. This service provides real-time advice, whether you're contemplating how to approach a woman, where to take her on a date, or how to advance the relationship.

Although various manuals exist for different subjects, human relationships are not solely about following a guide. Detailed, tailored advice, aligned with human emotions, is crucial.

Considering this real-time advice, I encourage you to make use of the "dating manual."

I hope that, despite language, national, and physical differences, you can lead a fulfilling life with a Japanese woman.

This manual will launch simultaneously in 50 countries on November 1, 2023. I genuinely wish happiness for all its readers.

CEO and Psychological Counselor,
Kazumi Takayama.



Attractive Style

Dating and Marriage Manual with Japanese Women

Sales price: 145 USD

■ Dating and Marriage Manual with Japanese Women (PDF version1.0)

■ Exclusive for purchasers: "Dating and Marriage Activity Consultation, Individual Support by Japanese Counselors”

About Usage

・Downloading the PDF file may take some time.
・The email address of the purchaser will be embedded in the PDF file that you have purchased.
・The copyright of the images and data included in this file is owned by "Attractive Style Inc."The purchaser may use this file for their own personal use, but in no case may they reprint, reproduce, partially modify, transfer, or forward it.

This is a downloadable PDF of the "Dating and Marriage Manual Version1.0" for foreigners who wish to date or marry Japanese women.

We are delighted to announce the release of "Dating and Marriage Manual Version 1.0" in 50 countries worldwide, a guide designed to help foreign men successfully date and marry Japanese women. This manual provides detailed instructions on how to build and progress a relationship with a Japanese woman.

In relationships that involve different countries, lifestyles, food cultures, and religions, foreign men may find various barriers when attempting to connect with the often reserved and cautious Japanese women. A unilateral approach by men will not be enough to capture the hearts of Japanese women, who tend to be wary and cautious.

This manual aims to explain to foreign men what is necessary and what barriers may exist in their quest to date and marry a Japanese woman.

By providing resources and solutions to current problems, the manual will help guide men on how to attract Japanese women.

Furthermore, purchasers of "Dating and Marriage Manual Version 1.0" will have exclusive access to individual support from Japanese counselors who can assist in various languages.

While the manual is necessary for building a relationship with a Japanese woman, the approach and progression during the dating phase may require more than just a guide. This is where our dedicated counselors, who have an in-depth understanding of Japanese women, become indispensable.

People's ways of living and values differ worldwide, not just with Japanese women. The diversity of human emotions, coupled with different cultures and customs, can sometimes complicate matters. It is our hope that the combined power of the manual and advice from our counselors will help you build a successful relationship and ultimately marry a Japanese woman.

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