Company Privacy Policy Notice Based on the Act on
Specified Commercial Transactions

Notice Based on the Act on
Specified Commercial Transactions

Operator and seller: attractive style Inc.

Operation manager: Kazumi Takayama

Address: 14th floor, Win Aoyama, 2-2-15 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062, Japan

Phone number: 090-4351-8996

Email address:

Sales URL:

Ordering method: Internet orders

Sale price: Listed on each product

Contents of sales: Sales of manuals in PDF format, along with email support by Japanese counselors. Our site's services are limited to foreigners, and the sales countries are as follows: (United States, China, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, Philippines, Egypt, Vietnam, Turkey, Thailand, Germany, United Kingdom, France, South Africa, Italy, Myanmar, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, Cambodia, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Israel, Austria, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Singapore, Denmark, Finland, Norway, New Zealand, Croatia, Georgia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, totaling 50 countries)

Payment method: Credit card payment

Payment deadline: Prepayment by credit card. Payment will be confirmed at the time of product ordering.

Types of sales: PDF in English, Chinese, and Korean

Product delivery time: Download after credit card payment

Returns: Since we sell text data in PDF format, cancellations are not possible.